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about career, business, and life coaching

Build a career and life you love with 1:1 business and life coaching.

It’s a core belief of mine that you can’t take life out of work. Our careers, businesses, and personal lives are so intertwined that it’s impossible to focus on one without considering the others. I take a whole-person approach to coaching, and help my clients realize everything they’re capable of achieving, personally and professionally.

Through honest conversations, insightful assessments and goal-oriented coaching, my clients are able to elevate all the good things they’ve built in life and at work and make them great. I can’t wait to help you do the same.

Coaching in Glastonbury and Hartford

Transition Coaching

Are you ready to pursue something new, but struggling to make it happen? If you’re considering a change or transition to an entirely different career, as a Career Coach I can help. We’ll explore and discover exciting and realistic options; ensure that your interviewing, networking, and communication skills are on par with your goals, values, and purpose; and then map your plan forward.

Development Coaching

Is your current job or career draining you instead of energizing you? I can help you strengthen the foundational skills that lead to professional growth and elevated career satisfaction. Learn to be more productive, efficient, and effective in your work by refining your habits, better understanding workplace dynamics, and communicating more clearly in personal and professional settings.

Development Coaching

Do you want to start a business or bring your existing business to the next level? Gain clarity on your vision and get full support as you create a business plan, build a marketing strategy, generate brand awareness, and grow your team and bottom line. A thriving business and a fulfilling personal life aren’t mutually exclusive, and coaching could be they key discovering what’s possible for you.

Are you ready to unlock your potential through Career, Business and Life Coaching?


Business and life coach Stephanie Tishler


I’m Stephanie, and I coach highly motivated professionals like you to work efficiently and live effectively with business and life coaching.

My clients are wonderful people and are already great at what they do. As a Certified Professional Coach, it’s my job to help them elevate the aspects of their lives that aren’t completely satisfying them, and achieve their long-term and day-to-day goals.

Whether you’re Connecticut-based or ready to Zoom-in from anywhere in the world, let’s have a dialogue about your goals, and create a coaching plan that will help you to reach them.