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I have been privileged to work with some amazing clients. Here's what they have to say...

  • Liz K.
    You have the Symphony Effect: The ability to interpret things simultaneously while seeing all the elements of a situation and understanding the best approach to optimize the process, the positioning, and the people.
    Liz K.
    Owner, Just Be
  • Karen Senteio
    As a coach I know the importance of clarity and I know how it can be elusive regardless of years of experience, titles and what you do for a living. Providing space for people to dream, wonder and visualize is fertile ground to "see" what's next and to validate alignment to what is truly important.

    Stephanie provides the space for amazing revelations and clarity through an authentic process of discovery, storytelling and taking action. It was a great experience with lasting impact that gave permission to explore, reset and get moving.
    Karen Senteio
    Karen Senteio Consulting
  • Mike S.
    Stephanie helped me prepare for and navigate through a job search. I contacted her because I had been through a number of job interviews, but none ended with an offer. Because my LinkedIn profile was attracting a lot of interest from recruiters, I wasn't sure why my efforts hadn't led to a new job. So I wanted to work with someone who could provide an outside perspective, identify any issues, and coach me through solutions.

    Stephanie was a great match. She provided coaching on networking, my interview technique, and was generally helpful regardless of the issue. She was also very supportive and quite patient with me throughout even when I often challenged her recommendations. In addition, she readily put me in contact with people within her network who could offer assistance/expertise that she couldn't.

    Finally, her services are a great value and were very reasonable. I would highly recommend Stephanie's knowledgeable, supportive and positive approach to those looking for career coaching.
    Mike S.
    Data Analytics Manager
  • Jane F.
    The Wallingford Public Library hired Stephanie to lead our 2017 Staff Development Day. She customized a thoughtful and dynamic visioning process with us and each member of our team crafted an inspirational vision board.

    The process was deeply engaging for all who participated (35 of us!). Not only did we each leave with a fabulous vision board, the process Stephanie created for us resulted in positive sharing and team building. Highly recommend!
    Jane F.
    Library Director
  • Paula G.
    As someone that has been in education for 19 years, I cannot say enough about Tishler Coaching Services. My district of 120 staff members, ranging from custodial staff to administration, had the opportunity to work with Stephanie.

    From the moment I engaged with Stephanie, I experienced a full-level of service and commitment. Stephanie has excellent communication skills, both orally and through the written word. In addition, she is extremely professional, laser focused and tremendously enjoyable. Furthermore, she is organized, reliable and computer literate.

    Stephanie presented herself with such poise, confidence and charisma that the entire audience was captivated. Teachers are known for being the worst audience and I was astounded with how different they were during her session. Usually they are talking over the person sharing out and off task. However, it was clear that people were hanging on her every word. Her vision and passion, for having all individuals reach their full potential, radiated throughout her presentation.

    Unfortunately because she's not an educator, she may not realize how many people she actually had an impact on. Not only did she touch the lives of the teachers and other staff in the room, her impact will be further felt by the students and families in my district. I do highly encourage anyone, considering investing in their employees, to reach out to Stephanie to experience what she has to offer!
    Paula G.
    Curriculum and Technology Specialist/National Board Certified Teacher
  • Sheryl W.
    Stephanie helped me wrap my head around social media. She took a foreign language and made it so understandable even I could see its purpose.

    Thank you, Stephanie, for the hand-holding. I know I'm not there, yet, but with your guidance, I am sure I can make it work. Brava to the coaching service you have created!
    Sheryl W.
    Psychologist/Learning & Performance Consultant
  • Ashley S.
    Stephanie is wonderful. She helped me find my voice and channel my strengths.

    In Sales, I saw immediate results after just a few sessions. I’ve closed more business in the first couple of months in 2017 than I did the entire year of 2016 and attribute much of this success to Stephanie.

    Not only did she teach me tactical skill-sets but she reinvigorated my confidence and spirit.
    Ashley S.
    Digital Sales
  • Terri H.
    I have known Stephanie for 10+ years, as a co-worker, friend, and mentor. I recently hired her to help me with some sales training for my team.

    She spent time with me understanding our needs and goals, and then really tailored the coaching to the individual based on their specific needs. We saw immediate results, it was incredible. She understands not only the business goals but more importantly the personal goals and needs of each person she coaches.

    Stephanie is thoughtful, caring, motivated, and results-oriented. We will continue tapping into Stephanie's expertise and knowledge for years to come. Highly recommend Stephanie.
    Terri H.
    Digital Sales Manager
  • Jen M.
    Tishler Coaching Services rocks! Whether you need advice, tough love, or a motivational role model you've got it with Steph!! She just gets it!

    She's kind, smart, and thoughtful. Steph has been working with myself and my staff for months now and not only has she helped me become a stronger leader, but she has helped motivate my staff and helped them reaching their goals.

    We have done one on one sessions as well as group activities and have loved our time spent with Steph! I highly recommend her services and we will be working with her on future endeavors!!
    Jen M.
    Salon Owner
  • Mike M.
    Stephanie has a heart of gold. She is an incredible listener and draws from a wealth of life experiences.

    We worked together early in our career, when it became very clear that she possesses an innate ability to connect with people. With Stephanie, the glass is half full and you only get out of life what you have the courage to ask for. She’ll make you laugh and cry, but most importantly you will be inspired.

    They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear – and when you are ready there is no finer teacher that I know.
    Mike M.
    Marketing Manager
  • Andy T.
    I recently engaged Tishler Coaching to help me strengthen my on-line presence for my consulting business.

    Stephanie worked with me to identify, clarify and promote my strengths, which resulted in a more targeted message to attract new clients for my services.

    I received great value for my investment and recommend that you reach out to Tishler Coaching for your career and branding needs.
    Andy T.
    Human Resources Consultant
  • Amy M.
    When I published my first book, I knew I had to learn how to promote my book and myself as an author and a speaker. I didn’t know where or how to begin.

    Through a mutual friend, I met Stephanie and she was a great match for me in terms of finding a coach. Stephanie helped me to identify and prioritize attainable goals related to my book. She guided, encouraged and supported me through a major life transition (moving to a different state with my family), ensuring that my professional goals didn’t get lost in the move.

    Stephanie created a structure for me that made sense – our sessions are always comfortable, motivating and filled with positive energy. After each session, I am filled with ideas for how to move forward in order to meet my goals, and I feel renewed with creative energy. Stephanie asks just the right questions to help me find my own truth, examine my own potential and create a plan for how to move forward.
    Amy M.
  • Geri D.
    I recently hired Tishler Coaching Services to advise me how to utilize social media to grow my business and expand my client base. Although my business already had a social media presence, I wasn’t familiar with how to use these platforms to draw more people to my website.

    After just one session with Stephanie, I learned how to target a particular audience, what content to post, when to post, and how to use the right keywords and hashtags in order for my business to show up in search engine results.

    Stephanie sent me a recap of our session the very next day, highlighting all the topics we covered and “homework” to be done in preparation for our next session.

    She creates a relaxed and friendly environment in which to meet, pays close attention to her clients’ needs and provides excellent direction. I now have the tools and strategies to promote and grow my business through social media.

    I highly recommend Tishler Coaching Services!
    Geri D.
    Owner, Graphic Design Company
  • Mary D.
    Where do I begin when talking abut Stephanie Tishler and her coaching brilliance?

    Stephanie has been a mentor, advisor, friend, and so much more to me. She has helped me "stay in my lane," and stay focused on my vision.

    I am now leading an organization that is selling over $1,000,000 a month, and Stephanie has been there from the beginning.

    If you are looking to unlock your true potential as an entrepreneur, Stephanie is your girl!
    Mary D.
    Ambassador, Senior Director National Makeup line
  • Lynne T.
    Stephanie helped me get back into the working world. She made it look easy, but for some of us it is very overwhelming! Thank you!
    Lynne T.
    Office Admin
  • Erika S.
    I have known Stephanie for over 11 years and, while I have always valued her advice and opinions, coaching provided a different perspective.

    She has taught me to take a step back and look in from the outside to find out what I actually want to accomplish and to ask myself why I am choosing to go a particular direction. In the days that I am not with her, I find myself thinking about a situation and, before I let myself get too stressed out, I think: What Would Stephanie Say?

    Just knowing I had her guiding hand has allowed me to take new risks that may otherwise have been stalled for a long time to come. I would recommend her to anyone at a crossroads or ready for the next big thing!
    Erika S.
    Small Business Owner
  • Jenny C.
    I hear Stephanie's words in between our sessions. It makes me think about things I wouldn't have thought about before.
    Jenny C.
  • Jamie C.
    Stephanie was instrumental in turning my inaction into action. I recently found myself on the verge of a career change, stuck between two jobs and struggling to make the leap from one to the other.

    I left my time with Stephanie with a crystal-clear plan and a renewed sense of confidence that I was headed in the best possible direction -- one that aligns with my goals and is a perfect fit for me. Working with Stephanie is a lifesaver!
    Jamie C.
  • Paul D.
    You can be assured I have found a stronger voice and advocate within myself because of my time together with Stephanie Tishler.

    I have a notebook full of Stephanie's personally tailored insights to help keep me on course.

    Stephanie is a remarkable person! She does it with such compassion and with great respect for her clients' needs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to find my voice again.
    Paul D.
    Flower Shop Owner


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