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July 5, 2016
My Yes Year
January 3, 2017

When I was in my twenties my Mom sent me this poem.
















Despite the fact that it lived wrinkled, in my jewelry box, I held onto it and re-read it throughout the years for inspiration. It meant a lot to me – even more when my Mom passed away in 2013.

It recently became even more meaningful.

It was a cold winter day. My girlfriend and I were on our way to a day spa, a birthday gift of time from her, to me.

I was driving and took advantage of the time by asking my marketing & brand building expert passenger, “What should I call my coaching business?”

Her response was, “If you could put what you do into one sentence, what would it be?”

Answer a question with a question? Who was the coach here?

“I want to maximize people’s potential” was what I came up with.

We talked about a lot of different options, names, etc. but none of them clicked. Soon we arrived at our destination. I was so ready for the pampering. My focus shifted to the white robe and massage table that were waiting for me.

I was treated to a hot stone massage, which warmed me head to toe. My brain went from active to “the zone” in a matter of minutes. My mind wandered…

What… To name…. The business….

Then it popped into my head – The Key Maker poem my Mom gave to me. I find ways to unlock the door.

The Key. Be The Key. Find The Key. You Are The Key… hmmmm

Tishler Coaching Services: Unlock Your Potential – Yes!

I couldn’t wait to tell my friend! However, I still had half my massage session to go so I had to table it. I knew I wouldn’t forget this though, it was in my heart.

I zoned out again, smiling, thinking that my Mom would be so thrilled to know she helped me be that Key Maker.


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