Yoga On & Off the Mat

I have been practicing yoga since my twenties, but lately, I have been really into it. My favorite is power yoga because it goes by really fast and my mind gets ultra-focused on what I am doing when I get in that “zone.”

But there are days I need to slow down and connect deeply. I need to ground myself to the mat and root down. I need to stretch myself to open.

For those of you who know me, you know I run, I do Pilates and I am a committed Barre class attender. Recently when I was finding myself with free time (ha!) I would pull up my MINDBODY app and see what was available. There always seemed to be the right yoga class for me.

Yoga is quiet, and I am not. Sometimes I need to hold an uncomfortable pose and I fall. Other times I can nail a move on one side and not the other. I am often reminded to “Open your eyes! Get comfortable with the uncomfortable!” Knowing what I need isn’t always easy, so I trust the yogis to guide me.

I truly believe that the universe works for us when we work for ourselves. I also have to trust that what I need will be there. I wasn’t always like this, and I have to remember to think this way every day. It doesn’t come easily to me, but life is so much better when I do.









This post was written and published by Stephanie Tishler, CPC, a Career, Life, and Business Coach based in Glastonbury, CT. Read more from Stephanie’s blog here, or unlock your potential with 1:1 coaching services!

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